A B O U T  M E
I am a Sussex based freelance DOP, camera assistant, photographer, editor and colourist working frequently on narrative shorts and features, with experience on documentaries, music videos, corporate projects as well as branded content and event videography.

I set my standards high when it comes to camera, from the crew that I work with, to the technicality and creativity that breeds. As a keen, hard-working and meticulous individual, I work to improve upon my abilities with every job - setting a good example for my department.

Film and TV have always played an important role in my life. The unexplainable feeling you get when you immerse yourself within the world on-screen, is something I always strive to capture within my work.

The moving image is what led me to stills photography. The ability to tell a story within a single frame is what I find fascinating. It has allowed me to experiment - to always capture something more interesting than the average photo.

With a degree in Digital Film Production and Screenwriting under my belt, and my innate passion for the art form still strong, I am always looking forward to what experiences the next project will bring.